What does the certified life coach program provide?


In this program students will learn different aspects of coaching from theoretical framework through starting your own coaching business. The program includes different styles of listening to allow correct encouragement and proper motivation. You will learn to be flexible and change perspectives about life and have a new outlook on life. You will learn how everything is possible and life can always be different. Students will also learn the process of how to create changes and how to adjust to new situations. The course covers techniques of self-awareness, together with spiritual fulfillment. Additionally, you will learn to creatively develop a unique life coaching program and preparation time to build your own private life coaching practice. 


Why choose ETGAR for your life coach certification program?


Since 2008, Etgar Life Coaching Center has provided certified life coaching courses and certifications. ETGAR has a unique program taught and supervised by Dr. Zvia Ambar.  Dr. Ambar has been in the mental health profession for over 30 years. Her educational background includes teaching certification, BA in psychology, MA in counseling psychology and a Psy D. in Clinical Psychology.  She has been coaching over ten years.


Combining her background in psychology and her unique approach on life coaching, Dr. Ambar has developed original coursework. The program combines theoretical practices and is designed to allow each person to discover themselves, in turn supplying them with the tools and techniques necessary to succeed not only in their lives, but also in effectively changing lives of others. 



The Program:

The program is broken down into six parts:

·         Fundamental of Adlerian Psychology

·         Process of change

·         Self-awareness

·         Crisis intervention

·         Principles of life coaching

·         Practical Aspects of coaching

For your choose, 3 options: 

1. Weekly meetings of 2:30 hours between 8-10:30pm

During 4 months - cost $1800

2. Once a week, 5 hours between 9am -2pm 

During 8 weeks - cost $1900

3. All day Sundays, between 9am - 4pm 

During 5 weeks - $2100

* Note, prices above are for group seminar. For individual price may variable.

Please contact us for more details.




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Life Coaching: What Makes A Good Coach & Can I Become One?


Coaching is a great career choice for people who are motivated to create a better life for themselves and for others. If you are looking to become a one-on-one coach or looking to implement life coaching into your business or even just looking for personal growth then this program is for YOU.


 If you’re an ever-evolving individual and curious about making a career change, life coaching offers many great opportunities to utilize your talents and help others. 


Life coaching can also be an extraordinary transformation process for those looking to get a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. This course allows you to positively change your life by learning and applying the techniques of a life coaching to your own life. 


Characteristics of those who become coaches are usually people who have strong belief in life, positive attitudes and a natural tendency to want to help others. Creative persons who can see things outside of the box also make tremendous life coaches. A person who believes in themselves and others, and is willing to invest effort and time in order to help others attain their goals are certain fits for the career of life coaching.



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